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live sex chat intext A very considerable field of operationis thus still left for the law, whatever proportion of cases may meet withno other penalty than social opinion. Color-hearing, while an abnormal phenomenon, itmust be added, cannot be called a diseased condition, and it is probablymuch less frequently associated with other abnormal or degenerativestigmata than is inversion; there is often a congenital element, shown bythe tendency to hereditary transmission, while the associations aredeveloped in very early life, and are too regular to be the simple resultof suggestion.238All such organic variations are abnormalities. The greater fairness of husbandsin comparison with men in general, as found by Karl Pearson, is thusaccounted for; fair men are most likely to obtain wives.

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Meeting a guy in a coffee shop or at a book store is no more a guarantee of avoiding wackos than online dating is.

A married woman, having been caught masturbating in the nude, was now being fucked bareback by a stranger, with only two words having been spoken the entire time.

(For further opinions in favor of inversion as an anomaly, see Hirschfeld, Die Homosexualität, p. 388 et seq.)

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