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In the thumbsucking or pleasure-sucking we have already been able toobserve the three essential characters of an infantile sexualmanifestation. A lady who has received the confidence of very many womentells me that she has never found a woman who was without sexual feeling. I will definitely apply these things in the future. The gift was I never had gotten sick; I healed quickly if I was hurt, and I lived. The oppression began to give place to a realization of the eternity of the heroic things; the fatuities were seen as mere fashions; love was seen as the true lord of life; the eternal romance was evident in its glory; the naked strength and beauty of men were known despite their clothes.

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Whenever it is opposed to the transcendental, thenatural is conceived as dangerous and diabolical. One ladymentions that some of her friends, whose erotic feelings are aroused bymusic, are especially affected in this way by the choral singing in RomanCatholic churches.127In the typical cases just mentioned, all fairly normal and healthy women,the sexual effects of music though definite were usually quite slight. Under the pretence ofshampooing, an eunuch of this kind embraces and draws towards himselfthe thighs of the man whom he is shampooing, and after this he touchesthe joints of his thighs and his jaghana, or central portions of hisbody.

The fact that the man takes the more active part incoitus has increased these difficulties; the woman is too often taught tobelieve that the whole function is low and impure, only to be submitted toat her husband’s will and for his sake, and the man has no properknowledge of the mechanism involved and the best way of dealing with it. 384 See Rhythm of the Pulse, p. 21. He folded me so closely in his arms, etc. Looking back, Sarah wasn’t just reserved, she was cold. There are no easy answers here: the voice of the liberated woman rings clearly as a man-eater in one moment, and shudders under the weight of lost love in the next.

This is the view now widely accepted by investigators of sexual inversion.

238 I may here refer to the curious opinion expressed by Dr. ElizabethBlackwell, that, while the sexual impulse in man is usually relieved byseminal emissions during sleep, in women it is relieved by the occurrenceof menstruation.

The various modes of enjoyment are notfor all times or for all persons, but they should only be used at theproper time, and in the proper countries and places.

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