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I liked to perform masturbation on a girl, even more than I liked having connection with her; and this was especially so in the case of girls who had never had masturbation practised on them before; I loved to see the look of surprised pleasure appear on their faces as they felt the delightful and novel sensation.

I did not tell them I was an ‘invert,’ for I hardly knew it was a recognized thing, but I did tell them something of what had taken place, and they made next to no comment, but implied it was frequent. It shows that the symptoms do not by any means result at the expenseonly of the so called normal sexual impulse (at least not exclusively orpreponderately), but they represent the converted expression of impulseswhich in a broader sense might be designated as perverse if they couldmanifest themselves directly in phantasies and acts without deviatingfrom consciousness. (A. Vambery, Travels in Central Asia, 1864, p. Andrea knew that Rebecca was grinding her clitoris against her, but she didn’t try to stop her. An act of masturbation at such a time would generally give relief.

Jesse kissed her once more, as she liked it - long and hard.

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