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Then he simply sends the name of a well-known and beautiful old resort hotel about halfway between us. We are notprimarily concerned with that theory; but the facts on which Darwin basedhis theory lie at the very roots of our subject, and we are bound toconsider their psychological significance.

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Baumann, who noted inversion among the male negro population of Zanzibar,finds that it is also not rare among women. It is closely allied to that æsthetic sense which admires the nude in art.

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I looked up, seeing his caramel eyes deepen, darken with lust, want, need, seeing him lick his lips as he focused on my mouth.

This is so wellrecognized that it is scarcely necessary to insist upon it here; it maysuffice to refer to a single typical example.

I was ready for the boy was even younger than me.

Such passionate actions and amorous gesticulations or movements, whicharise on the spur of the moment, and during sexual intercourse, cannotbe defined, and are as irregular as dreams.

Beauty to Some Extent Consists Primitively in an Exaggeration of theSexual CharactersThe Sexual OrgansMutilations, Adornments, andGarmentsSexual Allurement the Original Object of SuchDevicesThe Religious ElementUnæsthetic Character of the SexualOrgansImportance of the Secondary Sexual CharactersThe Pelvis andHipsSteatopygiaObesityGaitThe Pregnant Woman as a Mediæval Type ofBeautyThe Ideals of the RenaissanceThe BreastsThe CorsetItsObjectIts HistoryHairThe BeardThe Element of National or RacialType in BeautyThe Relative Beauty of Blondes and BrunettesThe GeneralEuropean Admiration for BlondesThe Individual Factors in theConstitution of the Idea of BeautyThe Love of the Exotic. Listen up, girlfriend, because science is on your side when you wait.

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