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Even the emperor Constantine, though he was still largely underthe sway of the imperial idea, distinctly acknowledged the bishops ashis masters; according to the legend he handed to the Bishop of Romethe insignia of his power, sceptre, crown and cloak, and humbly held thebridle of the prelate’s horse. It was early autumn, and cooling down. Who could it be? But it is very much more difficultthan most people seem to suppose, to obtain quite precise and definitedata concerning the absence of either voluptas or libido in a woman.

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A comprehensive study of thesexual manifestations of childhood would probably reveal to us theexistence of the essential features of the sexual impulse, and wouldmake us acquainted with its development and its composition from varioussources. (R. Renier, Il Tipo Estetico della Donna nel Medioevo, pp. The significance of the facts varies, however, according to the view taken as to the causation of neurasthenia and allied conditions of slight nervous disorder. In Seville, a few years ago, an elderly policeman, who had been in attendance on successive governors of that city for thirty years, was badly injured in a street accident.

There exists for him an almost absolute lack of any genuine satisfaction either in the way of the affections or desires.

In another moment I had hold of the mysterious secret of masculine energy, to which all my years of dilirious imaginings had been but as a waiting at the threshold, the knocking on a closed door.

We have many tastes and likings in common, andwhat is not possible with most womenI can, as a rule, speak to her about my feelings and find a listener who understands.

For a long time past, however, she had felt a strong desire to play with the genital organs of children of either sex, a proceeding which gave her sexual pleasure.

In the next place we come to doubts, which are again of three kinds,viz.

This view is no longer tenable;whatever the precise origin of the musical notes of animals may be,andit is not necessary to suppose that sexual attraction had a large part intheir first rudimentary beginnings,there can now be little doubt thatmusical sounds, and, among birds, singing, play a very large part indeedin bringing the male and the female together.112 Usually, it wouldappear, it is the performance of the male that attracts the female; it isonly among very simple and primitive musicians, like some insects, thatthe female thus attracts the male.113 The fact that it is nearly alwaysone sex only that is thus musically gifted should alone have sufficed tothrow suspicion on any but a sexual solution of this problem of animalsong.

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