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I provide a step-by-step process to help you build a solid profile that I think you will find very helpful. Some of Whitman’s extant lettersto young men, though they do not throw definite light on this question,are of a very affectionate character,97 and, although a man ofremarkable physical vigor, he never felt inclined to marry.98 It remainssomewhat difficult to classify him from the sexual point of view, but wecan scarcely fail to recognize the presence of a homosexual tendency. Quarrels between parents andunhappy marital relations between the same determine the severestpredispositions for disturbed sexual development or neurotic diseases inthe children. Allow it to slink right into her slit and fuck her.

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The achievement of this fatal firstmillenary might be formulated as follows: “The civilised world ofWestern Europe was united under the government of the Church of Rome; onall nations it had been impressed in the same combination of words andsimiles that they were living in a sinful world; they knew when thisworld had been created and when its Saviour had appeared; they knew thatits end would come together with the bodily resurrection of the dead andthe terrible day of the Last Judgment; they knew that demons werelurking everywhere, seeking to destroy man’s soul, and that the Churchalone could save him.

Frazer, who quotes this example from the Lettres├ędifiantes et curieuses, also refers to a modern Greek folk-tale,according to which a princess at puberty must not let the sun shine uponher, or she would be turned into a lizard.356 The lizard was a sexualsymbol among the Mexicans.

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