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Féré defines a painful stimulus as a strongexcitation which causes displays of energy which the will cannot utilize;when, as a result of diminished sensibility, the excitants are attenuated,the will can utilize them, and so there is no pain.153 These experimentshad no reference to the sexual instinct, but it will be seen at once thatthey have an extremely significant bearing on the subject before us, forthey show us the mechanism of the process by which in an abnormal organismpain becomes a sexual stimulant.

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I pulled Olivia toward me and she placed her knees on either side of my hips. Briquet, Charcot’s chief predecessor, acknowledged that his own view wasthat a sexual origin of hysteria would be degrading to women; that is tosay, he admitted that he was influenced by a foolish and improperprejudice, for the belief that the unconscious and involuntary morbidreaction of the nervous system to any disturbance of a great primaryinstinct can have quelque chose de dégradant is itself an immoralbelief; such disturbance of the nervous system might or might not becaused, but in any case the alleged degradation could only be thefiction of a distorted imagination. Fliess has argued that in both women and men, many physiological facts fall into a cycle of 23 days, which he calls male, the 28-day cycle being female. de Roos, in the Transactions of the sixth Congress of Criminal Anthropology, at Turin, in 1906 (Archivio di Psichiatria fasc. Where that is the case, a natural alternative might be some married individual or couple within the woman’s (or man’s) church community. Indeed, I don’t know a single godly couple who would tell you otherwise.

She had given them the hotel address and there they were at OUR hotel door.

At first they do not submit, and are inclined to runaway or fight, but the men fondle and pet them, and after awhile they donot seem to care. So, I open as wide as I could and pushed hard. And if one slipped in a quickie with me, you could be sure the other would know and be looking for theirs. All these things filled my mind to the exclusion of individual men and women. Laurent also refers tothe frequency with which women break things during the menstrual periods,and considers that this is not simply due to the awkwardness caused bynervous exhaustion or hysterical tremors, but that there is spontaneousbreakage.

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